Choir Raspevano Svratište organised a concert in National Theater in Belgrade

Raspevano Svratište choir organised a tradidional New Year’s concert at the National Theater in Belgrade on the December 23rd, 2017.

On the repertoire of this concert for children, there were famous children’s songs, cartoon music, popular rock and pop tracks, as well as two original songs created for our choir. As a guest at the concert, also performed the famous choir Horislavci, famous opera singer Nataša Tasić-Knežević and the choir Horkestar.

The choir Raspevano Svratište has been in existence for two years, and it was created as an initiative of the music teacher Maja Ćurčić from the organisation Art Aparat. So far he we had four concerts, we professionally recorded six songs and collaborated with the choirs Viva Vox, Horkestar and Duga. The first New Year’s concert held by children from the Drop in shelter in Belgrade was last year, and until now they had 5 concerts.