Professional recording of the original songs in Drop in shelter

Two educational songs “A Monster and the Seven Causes”, and “Water in the Nature”, that were created for the needs of the project Singing Shelter: Learning trough music, were professionally recorded at the Drop in Shelter on December 18, 2017.

The song “Ala and the Seven Causes”, which is intended primarily for children of school age, aims to help children to more easily adopt the 7 causes from Serbian language in an interesting and witty way. The song was created as a co-production of Art Aparat and Fanki Mankiz production. The author of the music is Maja Ćurčić, and the author of the text is Mina Sablić. Although intended primarily for school age children, this song has become very popular also with children of pre-school age.

The song “Water in the nature” aims to describe the various aggregate states through which water passes and speak about the changes that occur in it. The song is intended for children of pre-school age. The author of the text for this song is Mina Sablić, and Maja Ćurčić composed the music.

The songg were recorded together with a choir Horkestar, which is our frequent collaborator.