Raspevano Svratište organised a concert for children refugees

The choir Raspevano Svratište performd a concert for peers from refugee camps.
miš je dobio grip,Carstvo drugarstvo, Azbuka, and many other children’s songs could be heard at a concert organized by the Children’s Choir “Raspevano Svratište” at the ADRA Cultural Center for children who are beneficiaries of refugee camps, their parents and friends, and students from surrounding schools.

The motive of this interesting event in which two vulnerable groups of children met, through socializing and music, contributes to the strengthening of motivation for work and the creative creation of children coming from areas affected by war and other social problems. Also, the goal is to encourage socializing and connecting different social groups in a cheerful atmosphere.

In addition to the “Raspevano Svratište”, the children’s choir Duga, as well as the children from the ADRA Community Center  performed at the concert.  They were all singing about love and friendship, family and joy. Soloists from ADRA , who sang in the Serbian language, also impressed all the attendees. The crown of the concert was the performance of the song “Let it be love”, which all three choirs performed together.

“Raspevano Svratište” is the project of music teacher Maja Ćurčić from the Art Aparat organisation, who she aims to empower children from the Belgrade Drop in shelter through creativity. The concert is also part of the activities within the program “Active Communities” supported by the Trag Foundation.