Thematic workshops: Nusha&Pavi and Loli Ruvli singing in Drop in shelter

November was a month full of activities for Singing Shelter choir. At the end of November, we had the honor to host as many as seven guests. For us, the concert and the workshop were held by the duo Nusha & Pavi and Loli Ruvli.

Nusha & Pavi are two of the street musicians traveling across Europe, and playing in various cities during the year. They performed us popular cartoon songs, jazz standards, other popular music as well as famous Roma songs. Thez performed all the songs in cheerful jazz style, using the accordion as the main backbone for their songs, and kazoo and percussion as additional support to the performance.

In addition to Nusha & Pavi, an artist and a teacher Luli Ruvli from Belgrade performed some of the famous Roma songs on a guitar. 

In addition to the musicians, today was a special day for us because we had students from the Contemporary gymnasium from Belgrade as the guest in the audience, who were sitting together with children from Drop in shelter and listened to the concert. Students of the Contemporary gymnasium also made a donation in food and clothes to the Shelter during this visit.