Singing Shelter published their first educational radio drama

Radio drama for children “Learning about time” was created as a result of music and drama workshops that were performed in the period from March to June 2018. This radio dram a collage and consists of documentary parts, written dialogues, monologues and songs.

During the workshops in Drop in Shelter, we learned how to count the time and also studied the subjective perception of time. This topic has been chosen because it has proven to be difficult for all children, and as especially hard for children who irregularly attend school. With our work, we wanted to help making the terms related to time through drama and music easier to adopt.

The scenario was created spontaneously through joint work during the workshops in Drop in Shelter, but we also included other children who gave their comments on this topic (some of the comments became part of the drama). Also, the students of the art school I. Paunović, after listening, made illustrations that you can see on the gallery page on the -Learn with Us- page.

And here’s our radio drama. Hope that you will enjoy it! [/ embed]