Hear the History. Belgrade Confluence event in KC GRAD

Art of Danube is the international project focused on the promotion and protection of Danube in all the countries of its course. The final event of this project was held in Belgrade, on the 11th of August 2018.

On that occasion, association Art Aparat organised the event “Hear the history. Belgrade Confluence”. The authors of the project “Hear the history” presented their research in the field of Cultural heritage trough different  ways of interpretation- by putting the info boards in the exhibition space), audio installation with live visual performance, and the lecture in which dr. Sanja Iguman, dr. Dragan Bakić and Maja Ćurčić talked about the importance of the aria and different ways of its reinterpretation. 

Project Hear the History deals with the problem of the interpretation of the cultural heritage by using sound as a primary medium of communication.