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The Singing Shelter Project has started in 2016 with the formation of a choir with children from the Drop in Shelter in Krfska Street, Belgrade. The project has consisted of the work through the music workshops, professional production of CD with 6 famous and rearranged children`s songs and was finalized with the big concert at KC Rex in Belgrade. During the project we cooperated with the famous Viva Vox choir, Horkestar and the pianist Mina Stupar, who performed with us at the concert. We also formed a band consisted of professional musicians, that has been performing with us since 2016. The concert visited around 300 people that received a CD with our recorded songs as a gift.


The project Singing Shelter: Learning trough the song was implemented in 2017. The activities implied the cooperation with different children's choirs (Horislavci, Horkestar, Duga, refugee choir) and artists from Belgrade, as well as the professional production of two original educational songs. The songs that are composed originally for this project had school topics as the main topic (one of them is learning the declination in Serbian language and the other one is the change of water through the different states of aggregation).

During this project, our choir organised a special concert for children from refugee camps (150 visitors), as well as the concert at the National Theatre in Belgrade (400 visitors) where we performed with the famous children choir Horislavci, choir Horkestar, as well as opera singer Nataša Tasić Knežević. During the project, we also cooperated with the organization ADRA Serbia. In addition to the regular music workshops, Art Aparat organised thematic voluntary workshops and concerts with professional musicians in the Drop in Shelter, where the participants could learn and talk about different aspects of musical performance.

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In 2018, the Singing Shelter worked in the phase: Learning through drama". In addition to music workshops, the project consisted of drama workshops as a new medium and a learning tool. During this project we made our first original educational radio drama with music. This project also explored how we can increase the level of participation trough drama as a new medium.

Singing Shelter is in a new phase now, in which we want to connect with the community even more by the end of the 2018. During this time, children from the Shelter will have joint rehearsals with 10 new non-Roma participants and their parents. Our idea is to expand the choir and start to erase boundaries between all the kids in the society, and connect children through mutual projects and other joint activities.